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Research Interest

Our research focuses on developing novel electronic and photonic devices based on unique properties of emerging materials and new techniques in nanotechnology. The nature of the work is highly multidisciplinary ranging from fundamental studies to advanced electronic and photonic applications. The team collaborates very closely with experts in materials science, physics, circuit design and biology to improve existing electronic and photonic devices while inventing nano-systems with completely new functionalities. Some of our recent work are featured below:

I. Materials and Fundamental Study

  • Rediscovering black phosphorus

Key Publications:
F. Xia*, H. Wang*, Y. Jia, “Rediscovering Black Phosphorus as an Anisotropic Layered Material for Optoelectronics and Electronics”, Nature Communications, vol. 5, 2014.
F. Xia, H. Wang, D. Xiao, M. Dubey, A. Ramasubramaniam “Two-Dimensional Material Nanophotonics”, Nature Photonics, vol. 8, pp. 899–907, 2014. (Review Article)

II. Electronic Devices:

  • BP RF FETs

Key Publications:
H. Wang*, X. Wang, F. Xia, L. Wang, H. Jiang, Q. Xia, et al., “Black Phosphorus Radio-Frequency Transistors,” Nano Letters, vol. 14, 11, pp. 6414–6417, 2014.

III. Nanophotonics

  • Graphene/hBN heterostructure and superlattices for plasmonics

Key Publications:
Y. Jia, H. Zhao, Q. Guo, X. Wang, H. Wang, F. Xia “Tunable Plasmon-Phonon Polaritons in Layered Graphene-hexagonal Boron Nitride Heterostructures” ACS Photonics, in press, 2015.
F. Xia*, H. Wang, D. Xiao, M. Dubey, A. Ramasubramaniam, “Two-Dimensional Material Nanophotonics”, Nature Photonics, in press (invited review article)


IV.Circuit and System Level Demo

  • MoS2 Integrated Circuits: Ring Oscillators, ADC and J-K flip flops

Key Publications:
Han Wang, H., L. Yu, Y.-H. Lee, Y. Shi, A. Hsu, M. L. Chin, L.-J. Li, M. Dubey, J. Kong and T. Palacios, “Integrated Circuits Based on Bilayer MoS2 Transistors”, Nano Lett., 12, 9, pp. 4674-4680, 2012.
  • MoS2/Graphene hybrid structures

Key Publications:
Yu, L., Y. H. Lee, X. Ling, E. J. Santos, Y. C. Shin, Y. Lin, M. Dubey, E. Kaxiras, J. Kong, Han Wang* and T. Palacios Graphene/MoS2 hybrid technology for large-scale two-dimensional electronics”, Nano Lett., 14, pp. 3055-3063, 2014.


Synthesis of LTMD 2D crystals (MoS2 and WS2)

Key Publications:
Han Wang, L. Yu, Y.-H. Lee, et. al., “Largescale 2D Electronics based on Single-layer MoS2 Grown by Chemical Vapor Deposition”, IEDM, 2012.
Y.-H. Lee, L. Yu, H. Wang, et. al., “Synthesis and Transfer of Single Layer Transition Metal Disulfides on Diverse Surfaces”, Nano Lett. 13, 4, 2013


Our research is partially funded by:

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