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25-Sep-2020 Xiaodong Yan was selected as 2020-2021 MHI Ph.D. scholar. Congratulations, Xiaodong!

06-Apr-2020 Max Lien was selected for both the NASA Space Technology Graduate Research Opportunities (NSTGRO) Fellowship and the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

28-Feb-2020 Prof. Han Wang is selected as the IEEE Nanotechnology Council Distinguished Lecturer.

22-Oct-2019 PhD Student Max Lien wins ARCS Foundation Scholar Award. Congratulations Max!

17-Jun-2019 Hung-Yu receives the “YIN CHIN Scholarship” from YIN CHIN FOUNDATION OF U.S.A.. Congratulations, Hung-Yu!

16-Mar-2019 Prof. Han Wang is chosen as the recipient of the IEEE Nanotechnology Council Early Career Award.

02-Jul-2018 Prof. Han Wang is appointed the Robert G. and Mary G. Lane Endowed Early Career Chair.

06-Jun-2018 Prof. Han Wang receives the Army Research Office Young Investigator Award.

25-Apr-2018 Prof. Han Wang receives the Viterbi School of Engineering Junior Faculty Research Award.

30-Jan-2018 Prof. Han Wang receives the Orange County Engineering Council (OCEC) Outstanding Educator Award.

24-Jul-2017 Two of our papers have received the Nano Research Top Paper Award 2017, including Huan and Jiangbin’s work on interlayer interactions in atomically-thin rhenium diselenide (Read more), and He Tian’s article on 2D material optoelectronic devices (Read more).

29-Jun-2017 He Tian’s work on 2D material based synaptic devices has been covered by several news sources, including CBC news; ACS news; ScienceDaily; and Chemistry World of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Prof. Han Wang was interviewed in CBC radio show “On the Coast”.

17-Feb-2017 Prof. Han Wang receives the National Science Foundation CAREER Award.

21-Sep-2016 Prof. Han Wang gives an invited talk at the kick-off meeting of the newly launched Northrop Grumman Institute of Optical Nanomaterials and Nanophotonics (NG-ION2) (USC press-release).

28-Apr-2016 The Northrop Grumman Institute of Optical Nanomaterials and Nanophotonics (NG-ION2) launched at USC. Our group will work with NGC researchers on the theoretical and experimental studies of 2D materials physical properties and device applications.

14-Sep-2015 AFOSR MURI program kicks off. In this program, we will work with our collaborators at MIT and Harvard to develop foldable and adaptive membrane electronics based two-dimensional materials.

14-Sep-2015 NSF EFRI 2DARE program kicks off. In this program, we will work with our collaborators at Yale, Washington University in St. Louis and MIT to develop few-layer and thin-film black phosphorus for photonic applications.

13-May-2015 Prof. Han Wang receives the USC Zumberge Faculty Individual Research Award.

14-Nov-2014 Our work on black phosphorus radio-frequency transistors has been featured in ACS C&E News.

21-Oct-2014 Prof. Han Wang’s work on black phosphorus for optoelectronics and electronics has been selected as research highlights in Nature Photonics.

05-Aug-2014 Han Wang joined Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering as an Assistant Professor.

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